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The Cuban Connection

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Over the years, Cuba has produced an array of highly talented gymnasts. Olympian Erick Lopez Rios springs to mind as the AA Champion in four consecutive Pan-American Games (1991, 1995, 1999, 2003). Annia Portuondo Hatch brought a Vault medal home to Cuba from the 1996 World Championships, and then won a Silver medal on the same event at the 2004 Olympic Games while competing under the American flag. Another Cuban World medallist who would like a chance to compete for the USA is Charlie Tamayo. Though he defected from his homeland in 2003 during the Anaheim World Championships, citizenship paperwork prevented him from striving for a spot on the 2008 American team. Now his goal is to represent his adopted country at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Annia Hatch, Vault, 2004 Olympic Games

Charlie Leon Tamayo, Montage

Here are all the Bits shown in this montage:

0:01 Press to Handstand Hop Half

0:03 Arabian Triple Front Half Out into pit

0:07 Triple Pike off Rings into pit

0:13 Press to Handstand Hop Full

0:16 Double Front off Parallel Bars on to mats stacked very high!

0:19 Double Front Pike off Parallel Bars

0:26 Layout Double Double

0:29 Standing Double Full

0:32 Triple Front off Parallel Bars into pit

0:36 Layout Front immedaite Front Double Double into pit

0:40 Layout Front immediate Triple Front into pit

0:43 Um…two flips and at least four twists…? Help!

0:46 Standing Half In Half Out into pit